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Successful month for the members of Nanorobots Center. Congrats to Michaela for getting prestigious Fulbright Visiting Researcher Fellowship to Harvard Medical School in Boston. We are very proud of her!
Congrats to Dr. Zhou in Nanorobots Center for getting prestigious MSCActions MarieCurie Fellowship to our Center. We are proud of her. We had 33% success rate this year (globally it is ~9%) with MSCActions to Nanorobots VSCHT this year. Please apply for next round with us!
Martin got three streaks in a row as a Highly cited researcher in the Chemistry field 2017, 2018, 2019.
Headline Science - Watch tiny swimming magnetic robots suck up uranium in a droplet of radioactive wastewater.
Martin gives his opinion on the future of Nanorobots as a part of an article highlighting the recent push of nanobots towards medicinal use.
Read more on the 21. století Magazine, September issue, 2019.
See the article at TOP UNIVERSITIES. Very proud to have my Nanorobots Center in Prague!
Nanorobots on Nanoday 2019 exhibition in Czech National Technical Muzeum
On 29 and 30 April, Nanyang Technological University Singapore hosted a second meeting with the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague (UCT Prague) and the prestigious University of Singapore. This followed a February workshop in Prague and the January signing of a Memorandum of Mutual Cooperation. The main objective of the April meeting was to define specific joint research tasks in the fields of sustainability, food safety and nutrition, and biomedical sciences.
Michaela Fojtů, researcher at our center, received Siemens award for the best PhD thesis. PhD was done in Masařík Lab at MUNI, with half a year stay at NTU Singapore in our lab.
Martin was organizer of a workshop „Sustainable Energy and Mobility“ between nanyang Technological University Singapore, University of Chemistry and Technology Prague and CEITEC Brno with presence of BMW, Cambridge University and Lancaster University took place on 18th and 19th February 2019.
Martin received UCT Prague rector science award for the contribution to the science and its promotion in historical Bethelem chappel in Prague 
Nanorobots scientist Dr. Jiří Šturala received prestigious GACR Junior grant of ~300,000 EUR to start his own group. We will of course collaborate! Dr. Rui Gusmao received Czech version of Marie Curie mobility fellowship. Congrats!
We welcome new scientists Elham, Michaela, Veronika and Adaris 
New member of the center, Michelle Browne (from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, joins us for 2 year post-doc.
Lorena starts on 1st of May 2018 with prestigious European fellowship in our group.