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The secret of being a successful scientist is to love what you do and to take pride in how you do it.

Martin was interviewed by the Forbes magazine, telling about his research, plans and vision in the field of nanorobotics
Rohaizad's paper is featured in an article in Materials Today magazine.
Some good news in this maelstrom of bad news on closed borders: See article in @newscientist on Microrobots made from pollen help remove toxic mercury from wastewater [and deliver drugs].
Martin is getting interviewed in BBCWorld broadcast about our uranium collecting nanorobots.
Amongst the virtual-reality startups, we shared our take on how future micro/machines can change our lives.
Martin was asked about the role of the rector of UCT together with Mikuláš Bek, former rector of Masaryk University.
That is the title of an article featuring our work on Nanorobotspicking up Uranium in the most popular Czech newspaper Blesk, with 5 million readers.
"MOFBOTS could carry drugs to specific targets in the body", says Martin Pumera. See an article on Chemical & Engineering News
Interview with Martin on DVTV about nanorobots and medicine.
Martin and Subodh signed a memorandum of understanding between NTU Singapore and UCT Prague in the presence of Czech PM Andrej Babiš and NTU Singapore president Prof. Subra on the future mobility and energy.
"Scientists were wrong and movies were right", says Martin Pumera, Czech Top Scientist. See an interview in on Nanorobots
Martin gave TED style talk at Future Port Prague conference on 7.9.2018.  Pictured is Martin in panel discussion @FuturePortPRG with Anita Sengupta (Senior Vice President) from Hyperloop-one @Doctor_Astro and Tadahiro Kawada (President), Kawada Technologies on synergies and challenges of the future technologies. Main message: Get your children involved, excite them about new technologies, they will be a force of the change!
The Czech Republic received over 7000 projects from EU. 10 best were selected for public presentation, among them is our project Nanorobots.
Martin talks for 1h at the national TV about Nanorobots and Science in general. Summary can be find here in printed form.