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Trends in Analytical Chemistry 2019, 121(), 115696

Emerging mono-elemental 2D nanomaterials for electrochemical sensing applications: From borophene to bismuthene

Two-dimensional (2D) layered materials have attracted immense attention attributed to their desirable and promising applications in sensing and biosensing devices. Graphene has long been established as an excellent mono-elemental layered material with desirable properties and potential applications in sensing and biosensing devices. Moving beyond graphene, other mono-elemental nanomaterials have re-emerged to provide alternative options for the fabrication of sensing and biosensing devices. In this review, we highlighted the potential applications of other layered mono-elemental materials (belonging to Groups III, IV and V) in electrochemical sensing and biosensing which can be explored and investigated in future studies. These materials may prove to be promising alternatives to that of the well-studied graphene material and its derivatives.

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