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Chemphyschem 2016, 17(4), 481-488

Electrochemistry of Layered Graphitic Carbon Nitride Synthesised from Various Precursors: Searching for Catalytic Effects

Graphitic carbon nitride (g-C3N4), synthesised by pyrolysis of different precursors (dicyandiamide, melamine and urea) under varying reaction conditions (air and nitrogen gas) is subjected to electrochemical studies for the elucidation of the inherent catalytic efficiency of the pristine material. Contrary to popular belief, pristine g-C3N4 shows negligible, if any, enhancement in its electrochemical behaviour in this comprehensive study. Voltammetric analysis reveals g-C3N4 to display similar catalytic efficiency to the unmodified glassy carbon electrode surface on which the bulk material was deposited. This highlights the non-catalytic nature of the pristine material and challenges the feasibility of using g-C3N4 as a heterogeneous catalyst to deliver numerous promised applications.

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