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Analytical Chemistry 2018, 90(9), 5753-5757

3D-Printed Graphene/Polylactic Acid Electrodes Promise High Sensitivity in Electroanalysis

Additive manufacturing provides a unique tool for prototyping structures toward electrochemical sensing, due to its ability to produce highly versatile, tailored-shaped devices in a low-cost and fast way with minimized waste. Here we present 3D-printed graphene electrodes for electrochemical sensing. Ring- and disc-shaped electrodes were 3D printed with a Fused Deposition Modeling printer and characterized using cyclic voltammetry and scanning electron microscopy. Different redox probes K3Fe(CN)(6):K4Fe(CN)(6), FeCl3, ascorbic acid, Ru(NH3)(6)Cl-3, and ferrocene monocarboxylic acid) were used to assess the electrochemical performance of these devices. Finally, the electrochemical detection of picric acid and ascorbic acid was carried out as proof-of-concept analytes for sensing applications. Such customizable platforms represent promising alternatives to conventional electrodes for a wide range of sensing applications.

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