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Electroanalysis 2018, 30(7), 1319-1326

3D-printed Electrodes for Sensing of Biologically Active Molecules

3D printing (additive manufacturing) is currently an emerging technology that could revolutionize the traditional manufacturing process. The application of 3D printing technology has been examined in many different fields including manufacturing, science, medicine, and electronics. Another application of 3D printing technology which holds promising potential is fabrication of electrochemical sensors and transducers. Electroanalytical devices hold advantages such as low cost, portability, ease of use, and rapid analysis. Here we examined the feasibility of utilizing 3D-printed metal electrodes for the electrochemical detection of the pain reliever acetaminophen (AC) also known as paracetamol and the neurotransmitter dopamine (DA) in aqueous solutions. 3D-printed stainless steel helical-shaped electrodes were tested before and after surface modification by electro-plating with a thin gold film (3D gold).

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