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Analytical Chemistry 2017, 89(17), 8995-9001

3D Printed Electrodes for Detection of Nitroaromatic Explosives and Nerve Agents

Three-dimensional (3D) printing has proven to be a versatile and useful technology for specialized applications in industry and also for scientific research. We demonstrate its potential use toward the electrochemical detection of nitro aromatic compounds 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (TNT), 2,4-dinitrotoluene (DNT), and fenitrothion (FT). The detection of these compounds is of utmost importance in military and forensic applications. Stainless steel electrodes were fabricated by 3D printing, and the surface was electroplated with gold. The electrochemical performance of the 3D printed electrodes was compared to that of the conventionally employed glassy carbon electrode (GCE) and proved to be more sensitive toward the detection of all three nitroaromatic compounds. 3D printing of customizable electrodes provides a viable alternative to traditional electrodes for the analysis of samples with electrochemical methods.

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